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Oslo fagottkor has since 2004 been established as a leading choir and entertainment ensemble in Norway. The choir consists of 30 male gay singers and entertainers.

As well as their own productions the choir has been featured in numerous big national and international events as the Eurovision Song Contest, Ski World Championship, TV and radio programs. At the World Outgames in 2009 the choir was declared World Champions of gay chorus.

Their concerts during Sydney Mardi Gras are a recognition that the choir is not solely a Norwegian phenomenon. Their high musical standards and their bold humor are universal.

Ingrid Bjørnov is without doubt one of the greatest entertainers in Norway today, with more than 30 years of experience from stage, radio and TV. She’s a musician, author, composer and entertainer, and her award winning musical stand-up shows have given her a recognizable style and a close contact with the audience. She gargled “O mio babbino caro” during the opening of the new opera house in Oslo, to the delight of a much surprised audience of royals and VIPs. Her newest project consists of playing classical music backwards.

Tomas Adrian Glans is a renowned and hailed choreographer working at theaters all over Scandinavia. Educated in London he has since done musicals like Cabaret, Grease, Chicago and Hairspray to mention a few.

Tomas started his work with Oslo fagottkor back in 2007, and has since stayed on as in-house choreographer.  His mind is behind much of the choir’s unique humoristic approach. In cooperation, they have cultivated the genre “gay music comedy”.

Oslo fagottkor and Ingrid Bjørnov have collaborated for several years. It began as a mutual distant love affair, but has gradually developed into a permanent relationship. They naturally converge at some points, and elegantly compliment each other. The result is always a unique mix of comedy and music on a high level. Ingrid Bjørnov is the high patron of the choir, and also the initiator and musical arranger of “The Hills Are Stayin’ Alive – A tribute to our favorite things”.

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